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BOROSIL Ltd. Helps Employees’ Families Cope With Loss Due To Pandemic

| Published on May 2, 2021

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit India drastically, taking away a number of lives and creating critical situations for individuals of all age groups. While most of them are taking place in Delhi NCR, India’s death count is overall increasing making it the country with the most cases in the world. The states have implemented their own COVID-19 protocols to ensure that the citizens remain safe. At the work front, companies are also trying to move over to a work-from-home model that helps employees and their families remain safe.

Despite all of these initiatives, many employees who might have been exposed to the virus are falling sick, or losing family members to this pandemic. It has been a grief-stricken situation for most of India. Thankfully, many companies are helping their employees cope with the loss of loved ones. In fact, employees are not only getting financial support for themselves but the families that are solely dependent on them.

Borosil Limited, a company known far and wide for its tableware and kitchenware products has just launched a new initiative. As stated by one of the employees, Swapnil Walunj, on LinkedIn, the company is taking the situation seriously by helping families of those employees who have lost their lives due to coronavirus.

Any employee of Borosil Ltd that loses their life due to the coronavirus pandemic is entitled to receive 2 years more of their salaries and benefits. If the employee has children, they will have their school fees paid up until their graduation.

This move provides the entire family a secure plan so that other members have ample time to gear up and get their lives back on track. It removes the helplessness caused by the loss of a family member and is bound to help them cope with the mental and emotional pain.

Not a lot of companies in India or the world have come forward to take forward this one-of-a-kind initiative. We salute these superheroes who put their employees first, before any deadline or client.

What do you think of Borosil as a company and this wholesome initiative taken by them?

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