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BMW, Audi Have Started Ad War Again And Its Real Fun

| Published on August 25, 2018

Brand wars can be really interesting, BMW and Audi have the habit of playing with each other using marketing tactics. As everything is going digital, brand wars have also shifted to Twitter as people aren’t that interested in billboards.

It all started with a tweet from BMW, in which there was a picture of a Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 sitting in front of some circles of light. Sparks fly for this #M4 in exclusive Yas Marina Blue’ BMW’s tweet read.

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After seeing this image post by BMW, Audi couldn’t control themselves to notice Audi’s logo in firecrackers. Yeah, you can see at the back of BMW car image, there were circles that looks like Audi’s logo. If you still cannot spot it then here’s the logo of Audi.

And Audi replied by taking a dig on BMW

Users on Twitter found the response of Audi very interesting.

Yeah, the Audi rings are always BEHIND the BMW’s

I love the banter

Your obsession with #BMW is worse than first thought.

One of them replied: “Can’t wait for BMW’s response”, to which Audi followed up with “We’re waiting”.

And BMW came up with something amazing. Its tweet said: “We see it, where we usually do… in the rear-view mirror.”

Probably Audi accepted the defeat and didn’t reply. Twitterati seemed to declare the BMW victory, with many comments supporting it.

It is an interesting fact that both these brands neighbors (from Bavaria) with BMW in Munich and Audi from Ingolstadt and have respect for each other but it’s also fun to have such neighborly rivalry.

Audi’s tweets are always funny yet relatable. Whoever runs its Twitter needs a raise.

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