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BJP Comes Out As The Top Advertiser On Digital For This Lok Sabha Election

| Published on May 16, 2019

Digital is the new big thing when it comes to advertising. Not only brands, even political parties know this fact and they are spending big to advertise on Google, Facebook and its sister platforms.


According to data sources from Facebook Ad Library and Google Ad transparency Report, BJP has emerged as the top advertiser on digital with a whopping ad spend of Rs 20 crore. To give you an idea of Congress, BJP’s ad spend on Google is approx. 500% more than that of Congress which spent just Rs 2.7 crore on Google platforms.

BJP has spent over Rs 20 crore through its official accounts, while DMK emerged as the second largest spender with an ad-spend of Rs 4 crore. The total political ad spends so far on Google, YouTube its partner properties is about Rs 27 crore.

Talking about Facebook, BJP spent Rs 4 crore on Facebook between February to May 11. This is 200% more than what Congress has spent, revealed the data. Congress spent around Rs 1.3 crore during the same period on Facebook.

The same reports revealed that Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat, My First Vote with Modi and Nation with NaMo are the other top-spending accounts on Facebook having spent about Rs 4.5 crore since February this year.

Industry experts believe that the difference between the two parties will get wider this week.

Article source: BrandEquity

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