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Big Bazaar Captures Indian Retail Market With Unique Marketing Strategy

| Published on March 24, 2018

Marketing and advertising can do wonders for any brand if the interest of target audience is kept as the focus. Customers these days don’t get attracted if same old techniques are used for marketing. The creativity of marketers comes into the act during such situations. India’s popular retail chain Big Bazaar has come up with an interactive campaign that is being loved by the audience of all age groups.

Humour can never go out of trend in advertising, it is the best way to engage people in creating a sense of demand in their minds. In the age where online websites like Flipkart and Amazon are winning customers by giving heavy discounts, Big Bazaar did something similar for the retail industry in the country. The company not only provided heavy discounts but used unique marketing style that helped to focus on increasing sales.


Big Bazaar made sure that they should not get limited to traditional marketing methods such as billboards, TV commercials and for that, they used the power of social media and Youtube. The special part was that this retail giant knew that audience doesn’t like to see direct ads so they went for choosing platforms like RVCJ media which receive most of their views organically on social media platforms and Youtube.

Three type of content was used in this campaign. Image memes, video memes and a dedicated Youtube video made sure that he posts reach the maximum audience.

Youtube Video

The discount offer has already started and available for three days 23-25 March. To get maximum attention of audience they released a video on 22nd of March which was the best time to do so. This video with the title Every Indian Shopper Ever is winning hearts all over the internet. You can watch the complete video below:

The main reason for the success of this video is it just makes the viewers stick with the campaign for the whole time. Most of the people can relate themselves to things that are shown in this video. Every character is unique and makes viewers have a laugh.

This Big bazaar campaign is a big victory for the company not only because of the connection it is making with customers but also due to the numbers it has achieved. While writing this article, the video has generated more than 3.2 lakh views and ranks 39 on the youtube trending list in the country.

Videos are definitely becoming the best form of advertisement on the internet and such platforms do the real justice to the idea of the campaigns because without audience no campaign can be called successful.

Video memes

Video memes are getting popular in marketing also. It is a great way to present the information of any campaign in a simple yet funny way. Multiple video memes on Big Bazaar’s discount sale contributed to creating excitement among buyers. Using popular celebs helps the audience to relate with the advertisement makes people check the offer for once at least.



Image memes

Image memes are on rise and this is the best time for marketers to use memes for promotion of their brands. The best part about memes is that they are easy to make viral and are hilarious. Internet users have the habit of spending hours online and surfing memes which makes it a perfect choice for promotion. Also, with the option of tag on social media platforms it reaches to audience which is beyond the reach of traditional marketing. Here are some image memes from this campaign.

Offer Reserve karne ko Kanjusi Nahi, Samajhdaari Kehte Hai.. Link In BIO ❤️

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Whats your take on this Big bazaar campaign? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, if you have more such campaigns that you want us to cover, keep us updated on them.

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