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BIC Cello’s New Campaign #HarHaathMeinHaiCello Takes Us All Down The Memory Lane

| Published on August 27, 2021

BIC Cello’s new campaign, #HarHaathMeinHaiCello has been taking us all down memory lane. Cello has been the companion of every student through their educational journey and every person can vouch for that. The pen has stayed with us through exchanging one with our friends to it being the first pen we used to write with. The brand’s new campaign speaks about this unspoken bond that we all have developed with it and beautifully captures the journey.

The video has been released in the format of a rap song that resonates with teachers and students alike. The video essentially highlights all the important moments that the company has stayed for and has been the perfect companion for every student. It also highlights the diverse range of pens that the brand offers, right from Butterflow to Maxwriter to Gel Pens. The company’s brand promise, that of the joy of writing is depicted phenomenally through this rap song.

The rap song takes us back to the time when we first switched from using pencils to pens and would debate on whether gel pens are better than ball pens or not. Cello Grippers have become synonymous with asking for just any pen at a stationery store and the refills have definitely been reused on multiple occasions just to save a few bucks. However, the brand has stayed with us all and apart from communicating the aim of wanting to be there through a student’s educative journey which will form their future, the brand has brilliantly been able to make us feel nostalgic.

The ad has been showcased across the brand’s social media handles of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Google Display Network and Amazon Demand-Side-Platform. This ad campaign reaffirms the belief that Cello is always there to fulfil every student’s needs and that it will always be there through their journey. The film is directed by Sidhant Chowdhry and has been curated by the Motivator and GroupM.

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