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Best Women’s Day Video Campaigns Of 2019

| Published on March 8, 2019

Indian brands have become aware of the fact that important dates like festivals, national days or dedicated days like women’s day have become very important when it comes to connecting with audience emotionally. This year brands came up with some fresh concepts with Women’s Day ads by breaking stereotypes of showing similar ads showcasing women as the weaker section of Indian society. We have made a list of some of the best video advertising campaigns based on Women’s Day this year. Have a look:

Edelweiss Mutual Fund: #AdviceZarooriHai

With #AdviceZarooriHai, Edelweiss Mutual Fund talks about women coaches in India who fight big battles of their own against Indian society that does not have many women coaches. The campaign is focused on Bhakti Sharma, an Indian girl who broke the world record in 2015 by swimming in freezing water for a distance of 2.25 km in Antarctica.

Bournvita: #DontForgetYourself

With #DontForgetYourself, Bournvita in association with Ogilvy & Mather came out with a video campaign to surprise women. Most of the women tend to ignore their health due to their hectic schedules, busy lifestyles and many more reasons. But Bournvita wanted to spread awareness surrounding health and wellness. The brand film makes women question why they aren’t paying attention to their own health.

Greenply: #StopSayingWomenCan’t

A lot of women restrict themselves thinking that they can’t do a task beyond a limit which they have set in their minds. With #StopSayingWomenCan’t, Greenply tried breaking this thinking.

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Kotak General Insurance: #DriveLikeALady

Women are seen as bad when it comes to driving. This is another perception made by men which isn’t true. On the other hand, when Kotak General Insurance did an observation, they found that women are much safer and have lower claim experience comparing with males.

Platinum Evara: #RedefiningRituals

With #RedefiningRituals campaign, Platinum Evara launched the first-ever digital wedding on Instagram and Facebook stories to give wedding rituals a new meaning. It was conceptualized to make the viewers rethink about wedding rituals. The brand film redefines the meaning of Kanyadaan beautifully.

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