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Best TVC Campaigns Of 2019 Till Date

| Published on March 3, 2019

2019 has been an amazing year in terms of advertising as brands are trying new ways to connect with the target audience. Companies are looking to convey their messages in a way that it resonates with daily life of people. Because of the national days like Republic day and youth-focused festivals like Valentine’s Day, brands have been very active with their strategies. To help you know the best of the brands in 2019 in terms of TVC campaigns, we have made a list of top campaigns that are winning the hearts of both industry experts and the audience. Have a look:

1. Edelweiss Tokio Life: #ThodaAurKhayaal

Directed by the well-known Indian film director Shoojit Sircar, Edelweiss Tokio Life released #ThodaAurKhayaal campaign to promote their new term product called Edelweiss Tokio Life Zindagi Plus. The campaign has 2 brand films showing relatable stories based on a family dynamic – parents and a child.

These ads convey the importance of not just securing yourself, but also your spouse to ensure proper safety of your dependents.

In the first film, a father encourages his son to jump and promises to catch him. But as the boy jumps, the father gets distracted and gets scared himself that the boy will fall down. To save the son, his mother steps in like a hero and catches him in her arms.

The second film shows a daughter learning to cycle. She appeals to her father to not let go of the cycle. The father fumbles and falls down. Again, the mother steps in to save the kid from falling in the nick of time.

Ads of Insurance brands are normally very depressing but this campaign is an exception as humour has been used to connect with the audience. The insurance brand has encouraged the audience to be extra careful about such uncertainties of life through these TVCs.

2. Tata AIA Life Insurance: #RakshakarankiReet

With #RakshakarankiReet, Tata AIA Life (Tata AIA) Insurance Company has shown the rituals Indians follow that revolve around protecting our families. The campaign tries to capture the need for protection and responsibility that Indians have towards their loved ones. Even the small rituals like putting a Tika on the baby’s cheek, putting rangoli in our homes, or welcoming a bride are done keeping the protection of loved ones in mind.

The campaign completely relates to the company’s aim of providing protection to consumers by focusing on pure protection products.


3. HDFC Life: #BounceBack

HDFC Life Insurance launched #BounceBack campaign featuring the story of Darpan Inani, who lost his eyesight at a very young age and bounced back to become the highest rated visually impaired chess player in the country.

With this, HDFC Life has tried to make their emotional connection stronger with the audience showing the most challenging times that bring out the best in us. The video conveys that how financial support can help anyone #BounceBack.

4. Tata Nexon Republic Day

Tata Motors launched a public awareness video on Republic Day 2019, featuring the Nexon compact-SUV. Named as #SafetyFirst, the video shows the common ignorance of Indians about safety while buying a car. Their obsession with mileage, space and features has been portrayed in the most effective way.

The theme of the video is simple – to raise awareness about some important questions Indians should add while buying a car.

5. Axis Mutual Fund: Hit by Panic News?

Conceptualized by The Womb, this campaign shows how different groups of people get hit by panic news in their daily lives. It shows how a random message on markets and mutual fund investments has a negative impact on people.

In this modern era of social media, this campaign is urging people to be responsible and not spread any fake news when it comes to investments. The company is insisting to consult a financial advisor first.

6. Vodafone: #StrongerEveryHour

Vodafone Idea welcomed the New Year with #StrongerEveryHour. The campaign is based on that fact that customers think of the service provider only when they have a poor network experience.

Vodafone has tried to acknowledge Network engineers who play the most important role in providing the best experience to customers. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the network engineers have been identified as unsung heroes in this campaign. In recent times we have seen a lot of brands coming out to appreciate their employees.


7. StarSports : Babysitting duties!

India- Australia cricket battles are popular for the sledging incidents and the recent Rishabh Pant- Tim Paine case took the standards of words used in sledging to a new level. Using the popularity of this incident, Taproot Dentsu created two films for the new series featuring Virender Sehwag as the lead character who has talked about #BabySitting. This campaign is a cheeky way to engage cricket lovers in India to watch the matches with full involvement in hope for more such battles.

8. Uber Eats: Alia’s Tindaa Moment

To create brand awareness and build a strong connect with the youth, Uber Eats launched Alia’s Tindaa Moment ad campaign featuring Alia Bhatt. The campaign had four brand films, each showing a typical mealtime moment that everyone experiences. Our favourite one is the ‘Tinda Moment’ where Bhatt returns from a friend’s party and finds Tinda for dinner. Alia is seen in her chirpy and enthusiastic avatar.

Which one did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section.

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