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Best Social Awareness Brand Campaigns Of 2018

| Published on December 30, 2018

Advertisements are a great way to spread awareness about the things that should be changed in our country. This year, brands came up with several social messages, along with the promotion of the product or service. For brands, such campaigns help in establishing a connection with the audience so that common man can relate the brand with it. Below is a list of the best Indian Advertisements which are worth watching due to the incredibly strong social messages they talk about

Godrej Properties: #BreatheEasy

Battling with the current situations of increasing air pollution and to bring peoples attention to the cause, Godrej Properties launched a 7-day campaign ahead of ‘World Pollution Prevention Day’. This campaign was very relevant and contextual since pollution is a grave issue affecting young and old, alike. At such a sensitive time when a brand takes an initiative to raise awareness, the campaign is bound to get viral. The campaign was presented, as a set of challenges in order to curb pollution and help everyone #BreatheEasy.
Here is a look at them, day wise

Day 1: Cycle to work

Day 2: Pool a ride and limit and usage of fuel.

Day 3: Drive within speed limit to conserve energy.

Day 4: Open your windows to get rid of toxic air arising from gas cookers.

Day 5: Stop burning plastics to reduce harmful emissions.

Day 6: Plant a sapling to increase oxygen level.

Day 7: Light up diyas instead of incense sticks to get rid of impure air.

The campaign apart from bringing attention to the issue of pollution also raised awareness about the new project named Godrej Air in Gurugram where special measures have been taken to ensure the air quality and they claim it to be 10 times purer from the air otherwise.

Hindustan Unilever: The Shower

Water Pollution has become a big problem in India. The issue is warning more for the villages as they need water for the production of food through farming. To improve the scenario, HUL came up with a thought-provoking campaign. The video made for this campaign shows the thirst of villagers in the middle of the desert and what water actually means for them.

Reliance General Insurance: #HoliNotHooliganism

Reliance General Insurance launched a brand campaign ahead of Holi with the intend to focus attention on a largely ignored reality surrounding Holi festivities. The campaign tried raising awareness on safety of women on Holi as a lot of males see Holi as an excuse to harass women and all this is destroying the beauty of this festival with a horrifying experience for women.

Hyundai: #BeTheBetterGuy

Indians have become habitual to not following traffic rules and thinking it’s alright as they haven’t harmed anyone. This campaign was made to highlight such people and it focused to spread the value of road safety in India. It simply shows a guy who follows all the road safety rules, but yet meets with an accident because of the negligence of someone else.

Mahindra Group: #LadkiHathSeNikalJayegi

Mahindra Group launched a campaign titled Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi focusing on girl education. The campaign aims to remove the misconceptions around girl child education as this can contribute to the improvement of girls to rise from a life of poverty, and go on to live a life of dignity.

Also, Mahindra targeted people who are interested in social causes, affinity towards girl child education, want to drive change and be a part of it.

Avon India: #PayAttention

Avon India launched the second version of its pan India campaign ‘#PayAttention’ to raise awareness on breast cancer. As a part of the ‘#PayAttention’ campaign, Avon made a thought-provoking video that created a huge social impact and urged people to come forward, react and do a self-examination to detect this problem in time.

Snapdeal: #KidsNotForSale

Snapdeal partnered with ‘Save The Children’ and WATConsult to raise to create awareness about the problem of child trafficking in India. They launched a campaign named #KidsNotForSale to stop child trafficking. A teaser campaign showing ‘Amazing Kids Sale’ on Snapdeal highlighted stories of children who are sold for prostitution, kidnapped at birth, made to work in unhealthy conditions, drugged for organ trafficking, or forced to become combatants.

Tata Tiscon: The Song of the Forest

To raise awareness about the need to plant more trees, Tata Tiscon joined hands with Padma Shri Jadav Payeng to make our Earth greener. The brand released a digital film ‘The Song of the Forest’ on World Habitat Day on 1st October. The video shows the journey of Jadav Payeng with the ideology of making us think that “If one man can do this, what all of us can do together“.

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