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Best Places To Get A Personalized Face Mask In A Budget

| Published on September 2, 2020

In this present time of the pandemic, masks have become an essential part of our lives, and we need to learn to live with it at least till the pandemic is over. But even in this time, people still want to look fashionable and stylish, and that’s why they are looking for options where they can buy customizable face masks to match their persona.

Some of the places where you can get personalized face masks are listed below:

1. Vistaprint

It is probably the best place to get your Personalized face masks, which is completely reusable and helps you be safe from COVID 19. The masks are made from polyester fabric and have elastic ear straps to fit almost any face or head size. Each of the masks is provided with two areas (one on the right and one on left) to place your choice of text, logo, or design or even some photo. They are completely reusable and washable with normal detergent. You can buy a pack of 5 personalized face masks for just Rs. 300 costing only Rs. 60 per unit. Similarly, check for other Vistaprint deals for personalized face masks and save big on your online orders. They also have their policy of 100% satisfaction, or they pay your money back.

2. yourPrint

yourPrint is also a platform where you can get personalized face masks at an affordable price. They allow you to add background color, photos, texts, and even emojis on your masks. All you need to do is select a mask and it’s ready for designing. You can add any vibrant background color or some photos which will be printed in high definition based on the quality in which you upload them. You can easily add any person’s name, company name, hashtags, or even add some of your favorite emojis. They also don’t restrict any specific area on the mask; the whole is a canvas for your creativity. With each order, you can also avail cashback, the bigger the orders, the larger the cashback.

3. Printland

Another place for you to buy personalized face masks at a very reasonable cost. This platform allows customization on literally any mask ranging from surgical to N95 to basic cloth masks. Each side of the masks is provided with areas where you can upload your design or text choice and then print it. Even the premium quality N95 masks are available at reasonable prices that are often seen to be sold at much higher prices in the market. No minimum order quantity is required, and the bigger the purchase gets lower, the cost per unit becomes.

4. Rightgifting

This is also an online platform for customers to buy personalized face masks and get them delivered at the doorstep from their comfort of home. They offer three-layered reusable face masks customized with any design, logo, photo, or text as per your choice. You can choose the mask size as per your age and then go onto the customization part where you will be shown the portions of make where you can put your chosen design or photo or texts. There is no minimum order quantity needed, and special discounts are also available for bulk orders.

5. Myntra

Myntra is arguably the largest and most famous online platform in India to buy fashionable clothes and accessories. And due to coping up with the current situation, they have also started selling personalized face masks. They currently don’t allow customers to design, print, or customize their masks. They offer a wide variety range of proper good quality masks that are already customized as per their designers. In that variety, you can find masks with customized texts, logos, photos, or colors. And you get all these at just the same value of normal face masks available in the market.

6. iLogo

Just like the previous ones, iLogo is another online platform to buy personalized face masks. They offer two-layered reusable cloth masks fully ready for you to put your design on and then get it delivered at your doorstep. The face masks the microdot knit outer layer with a combed cotton inner layer, which gives you proper needed protection. The masks are also available in various colors as per your choice and different sizes. Minimum of 2 masks need to be bought from them, and no standard delivery charges are applied.

These are some of the topmost reliable and famous places to buy personalized face masks in India at very affordable rates. Rather than going out to stores, you can order from these platforms and get numerous discounts of easily up to 30-40% and huge cashback already available on the apps to just select and apply on your order. In that way, you can also save some extra while still having the necessity fulfilled. The bigger the purchase order gets, the lower the cost per unit of masks becomes for customers.

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