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Best Job Ever? Woman Earns Rs 28 Lacs A Year By Hugging And Cuddling People

| Published on January 13, 2019

Finding a good job has become very difficult these days. People do so many weird things to earn money in this competitive world and today we are sharing a little different but high profit generating job idea by which a woman is making about $40,000 a year (28 lacs INR approx)

What does she do?

The woman named Robin Stine loves to cuddle and she gets paid for it. Yes, this lady offers a variety when it comes to comforting people. From simple hugs to full on cuddles, she gets her clients through a website named ‘Cuddlist‘.
Robin Stine

Her charges and rules?

Robin charges $80 (over 5500INR) an hour and her services have some strict rules. Some of these include – all clients should be fully clothed the entire time and the relationship should be platonic. The sessions last between 1-4 hours.

Not only singles, but her client list also has people who are happily or unhappily married, widowed, divorced, or have multiple partners.

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Her services have helped clients in figuring out what they really want from life. Her profession has not just changed people’s lives but has also changed hers.

After this job, she felt a decrease in pain, stress, and her sleep cycle has improved.

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