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Best Industries for Starting a Business In 2019 In India

| Published on March 2, 2019

Entrepreneurship is at its peak in India as the growth of internet has opened the minds of people living in our country. To launch a successful business or a startup, having a researched plan can solve a lot of your problems.

Choosing the right industry is the most important aspect of planning a business model. To help you do that, we have listed some of the best industries to do business in 2019. This list has been made keeping in mind the factors like future scope, the investment needed and a number of people required to start. Have a look:

1. Travel industry


Interests of Indians have changed immensely in past few years as people have started to explore the world through travel. Instagram travel bloggers have played a crucial role in transforming this industry. Make a travel agency in your region first and advertise it by being active on all the social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram.

2. Personalized Nutrition

With the change in eating habits of Indians, people are experiencing health issues even from teenage. You can become a certified nutritionist and guide people what to eat and what not to. Make tasty meals and sell them in metro cities at low rates to attract customers.

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3. Wedding planning

2018 was a year of celebrity marriages and the nature of Indians is to copy them. People are ready to spend their savings on weddings as it gives them a sense of pride to show off. If you are creative and have contacts with vendors of wedding items, go for this.

4. Custom-made gifts

Indian tend to spend huge money on birthdays, festivals and special occasions. if you are good at selecting gifts that can touch someone’s heart, you can select this business. Custom made gifts makes the person feel special which has a meaningful impact with your client.

5. Mobile food truck

Food trucks have become popular as they are fast in service and give an image of low cost to the customers. Also, mobile courts give you more options in trying different places of market. Always pick a place that has chances of large crowd or youngsters as the chance of achieving success is more in such areas.

If you have more such ideas, do share them with us in the comments section.

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