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Top 5 Franchise Businesses To Start In 2020 In India

| Published on March 3, 2019

No matter how passionate you are, about owning a business and working for yourself, there are some obstacles that you will definitely face while starting a business.

1. There is no scheduled time of work. You will have to be available 24*7 when you own a business.
2. You have to face the ambiguity- whether your business would survive in the market or not?
3. The financial issue is the key problem for every individual who plans to own a business.
4. Building a team to run a business is a very essential part, which people fail at, most of the time.

What if the above obstacles do not even exist in the process? What if you do not encounter fatigue, ambiguity, financial issue or team building problems? Is it actually possible?

Yes, it is! There are these perfect franchise businesses that do not require any of the above-mentioned skills to start with.

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Top 5 Franchise Businesses that are easy to Start:

1. Amul Parlours

Every person, whosoever he or she is, loves to have ice-cream. Amul, the taste of India, has been the most reliable company since generations. This India’s ice-cream sellers do not require a team to run a business.

• Room of 250-300 sq.ft area.
• Investment of about 4-5 Lakhs

2. Ola/Uber

By far the best franchise business in India, today and the safest profit rendering franchise to rely upon. There is a guaranteed profit of around Rs. 35000 per month, which is sufficient for your pockets.

• Just an Investment of 4-5 Lakhs.

3. Mio Amore

Earlier termed as Monginis, this company has been leading the cake maker business for decades. The original inventors of Black Forest, our forever loved cake does not require much of fatigue and team skills.

• 450 Sq.ft of the work area.
• Investment of about 8-10 Lakhs.

4. The J

The franchise that attracts young guns, is the emerging business that you can try your luck on. The food corner which sells French fries, chicken, and cheese, will not leave you disappointed.

• Space of 700-800 sq.ft for ambience to attract and maintain the crowd.
• Investment of about 12-18 lakhs.

5. Jumbo King

The Burger-Vadapaw food corner has been the other emerging star of the franchise business.

• 350 sq.ft of area in a posh location.
• Investment of about 15-20 Lakhs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set, and try your hands on these fast-growing ventures and earn yourself a prestigious living.

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