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Here Are Some Of The Best Corporate Lessons Shared By Career Experts

| Published on October 17, 2018

It is never too start to get an advice. Whether you are working for decades in some industry or you started your professional career, suggestions can always help you. Below are some of the best responses on career advice you will ever receive:

1. Give time to something you have interest in


“Find something you enjoy doing.” When you enjoy what you do, you’re more effective. It’s that simple. When you enjoy the people you work with and what you’re doing, time just passes effortlessly — it doesn’t feel like work and you’re willing to go the extra mile. Sometimes it takes time to find a great fit, but it’s always worth it.

—Tom Murry, former CEO of Calvin Klein

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Getting out of your comfort zone is key to getting ready for your next role. Remember, sometimes the ride is bumpy, and you don’t get it perfect the first time, but that’s the process to go through to learn and grow.

— Michelle Armer, director of HR operations at CareerBuilder

3. Don’t shy to ask

Always ask — the worst you’ll hear is “no.” This has turned into a life mantra, and I have found that “no” doesn’t happen very often. Usually, if it’s not exactly what you want, you’ll at least get something more than what you started with.
Also, do what you say you’re going to do. Simple as that. Being reliable and dependable is foundational to building trust with others. Business is all about relationships, and without trust, the relationship doesn’t exist. If you model this behavior, you’ll find that you will attract people you can count on.

—Ngoc Nguyen, career coach at Ama La Vida

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4. Teamwork always pays well

Be a team player, but make sure you are not always the one offering to do the office “housework” — planning the company picnic or holiday party — especially if you’re a woman, as we disproportionately volunteer for unpaid, unrewarded office tasks.

Speaking of being a team player, honor relationships with your colleagues, your clients, and yourself. In this age of technology, left to our own devices (excuse the pun), we aren’t connecting. So, be intentional and build relationships. That is what ultimately moves you forward not only in your career but in your life.

— Erica Keswin, a workplace strategist, former executive coach, and author of the forthcoming book “Bring Your Human to Work”

5. Be ready to take new tasks

Whether it’s applying for a higher-level job, taking on a new task at work, or learning a difficult new skill, one of the best ways to rapidly level-up or advance your career is to say “yes” to the scary stuff.

This might mean accepting an offer when it’s given to you or proactively suggesting something you’d like to take on. It’s not that you shouldn’t be scared to do these things — be scared and do them anyway.

— Brie Reynolds, senior career specialist at FlexJobs

6. Don’t do everything based on money

“Don’t think about the money. Build a great platform. Make it the best content it can be. If you do, you’ll grow an audience that loves you, and focus on them. The more you focus on them, the more they will grow. And that’s when the money comes in.”

—Jessica Zweig, founder and CEO of personal branding firm The SimplyBe. Agency

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