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YouGov BrandIndex Rankings – Best Brands 2022

| Published on November 21, 2022

YouGov BrandIndex is a platform that continuously measures the public’s perception of sectors and thousands of brands around the globe. It is an overall brand health index score based on all six brand health metrics. BrandIndex is the authoritative measure of brand perception. It is a live tracking system where a brand’s value is calculated.

YouGov Global Best Brand Rankings 2022 list is here. Among this, the top 10 Ranked brands for India are revealed.

Youtube is at the top of this list with a score of 56.2. It has gained 2.5 points by the end of this year and has replaced Google as the highest-ranked brand on YouGov’s Best Brand Rankings India study. Google has shifted to the second position with a score of 54.9. Whatsapp has made a surprise appearance in the top three with a score of 53.9 and has replaced Amazon which has shifted to number four. Amazon scored 50.5 on the brand index.

Next on the list of Best Brands 2022 in India is Amul with a score of 49.5, Tanishq – 42.2, Cadbury Dairy Milk – 41.3, Dettol Disinfectant – 40.9, Flipkart – 40.8 and Zomato with a score of 40.0 on the tenth position.

As mentioned earlier, YouGov is a platform that assesses brands based on attributes like quality, value, impression, satisfaction, recommendation, and reputation. The latest rankings by YouGov reveal the overall brand health as per urban Indians. These rankings are based on YouGov BrandIndex’s score which measures overall brand health and also assesses if a brand is delivering against its brand promise or not.

BrandIndex YouGov also reveals in its rankings the improvement brands have made in the Brand Index score. In these rankings, the brands that have improved the most over the past year have been revealed. In this list, Air India is the most improved brand of the year. The change in its score is +7.1. Telegram comes next on this list with a score shift of +5.2. The next brand on this list that has shown good improvement over the past year is Realme. The score shift is 4.0 with its previous score being 13.7 and the new score is 17.7.

Next in this list is Instagram with an improved score of 3.9, Whatsapp – 3.5, Apple – 3.4, Myntra – 3.3, Booking.com – 3.0, Tata Motors – 2.8, and Flipkart – 2.7.

Following is the list of Top 10 Improvers in India.

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