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Bengaluru Woman Shares How Her Maid Learnt To Make “Snap Video” On Phone She Gifted Her

| Published on December 1, 2020

The year 2020 has come with lots and lots of challenges. While the year has been full of sad and tragic news from the COVID-19 to job layoffs happening around the world, there has been something that has kept our faith in humanity alive.

The internet has been full of people stories of how people came forward to help one another in these testing times. Many people have been taking small but valuable steps to ensure that the people around them have all the help they need to cope with this difficult year.

A Twitter user, Mehak Chawla, posted her heartfelt story of how her maid inspired to become an internet star with a smartphone she had gifted her 4 years back. Mehak shared the story with a Twitter thread and it’s the sweetest thing one can come across on the internet.

Mehak’s maid has been watching YouTube tutorials on how to create content online and making Snapchat videos of herself. She learned how to use the different features in those apps like a voiceover from YT too. She has been shooting these videos in her spare time with the help of her husband and has been posting them on the platform.

When asked, she said that her ultimate goal is to make money off the internet and help her community navigate it.

Mehak’s post since went viral and people have been appreciating her support and her maids courage for daring to dream big and even working hard to achieve it. People have also been applauding the digital platforms that have been help people to earn a living and even gain popularity on the way.

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What Mehak has done is applaudable but her maid has become an icon for people who wish to achieve something in their lives.

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