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Bengaluru Techie Loses Rs 1.27 Lakh While Ordering Liquor Online

| Published on January 28, 2020

We keep getting text messages from time to time from our banks that please do not share your OTP, CVV and PIN with anyone. Well, to most it seems quite obvious; Yes, we will not, but many people who are new to the world of digital payment every now and then end up doing such basic mistakes. And this time, it was a Bengaluru techie.

Arjun Jagannathan, a 40 years old software engineer, has defrauded for Rs 1.27 lakh when he was trying to buy liquor online for a party at home. Arjun is a resident of Yelenahalli. On the 19th of January, he was at his mother’s house for a get-together party. He wanted to buy liquor online. He started searching online for tavern delivering liquor home, and he came across one near Kothanur Dinne (a locality in Bengaluru).

Arjun called the tavern and spoke to a man who introduced himself as a staffer at the tavern. The staffer took the order and bill came up to Rs 1,500. The man told Arjun to pay online as they do not accept cash-on-delivery for home delivery. Arjun agreed to pay online. The man asked him to share his credit card details and later asked to share the OTP to complete payment. Arjun did the same. He ended up getting Rs 1,500 debited from his account.

But the man said there was some technical error, please share the fresh OTP gain. And this time he got a message saying Rs 6,000 was debited from his account. Well, repeating the same pattern, he convinced Arjun again and again to share the series of OTPs, and in the end, Arjun had lost Rs 78,742.

The staffer apologized and said he will return the money and asked him to scan a Paytm QR code which he sent by WhatsApp. And Arjun once again lost Rs 49,001 from his UPI-linked savings account. Well, it may seem unreal, but it happened.

When Arjun Jagannathan realized that he was scammed, he immediately blocked his account and ask banking officials to reverse the payments, but they cannot do it to the UPI and credit card transactions.

Arjun Jagannathan has filed a case under the Information Technology Act, and police are investigating into the matter.

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