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Bengaluru Shops Have Found A New Way To Avoid Plastic. See How

| Published on July 4, 2019

Global warming has been a matter of concern for almost a decade now. Some believe that it exists and have taken steps to contribute their part in saving the earth and some choose to believe that it is nothing but propaganda. We all know who that later are and what their contributions have been.


Bengaluru‘s famous Ice cream chain, Corner House, has started a commendable initiative for the cause. On June 10, they started the ‘Bring Your Own Bowl’ initiative which encourages its customers to bring their own bowls and boxes to avoid the use of plastic.

Narayan Rao, the owner of Corner House, has stated that

“We want people to become more conscious about how plastic waste can be reduced by being a little more responsible. Most restaurants use disposable utensils, mostly plastic because there is a shortage of water. Though it helps reduce water consumption, it also means more plastic waste is generated. To avoid this, we have started the campaign. Reusables are the solution to cut down on generating more waste.”

Also, Rs. 10 of each order placed by a person with their own bowl will go towards the welfare of dogs at CUPA’s animal shelter. Now that’s multitasking at its best.

Mr. Rao has also shared his concern that the initiative might not be followed by everyone as people returning from work or just stopping on the way might not come prepared.

By 2 Coffee, has also started packing food in steel lunch boxes and customers can either pick up their orders or have it delivered to them. The boxes are to be returned the following morning.

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board’s data states that each Bengalurean utilizes 16 kg of plastic per month on an average; also, 40% of the waste generated in the city is plastic waste.

The time has come when we stop holding the government responsible and start taking matters in our own hands. After all, there is only one planet we call home.

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