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Bengaluru Police Tackles Cyber Fraud Through ‘Money Heist’ Memes

| Published on April 18, 2020

In the series of police agencies trying to spread awareness around the coronavirus pandemic, Bengaluru Police’s social media team just posted something related to Netflix India’s #1 Trending show, Money Heist. Through Instagram, they targetted the scope of ‘cyberfraud’ which definitely left netizens impressed!

They captioned the meme, “Heads up! #Cyberfraud alert! Scams related to EMI postpone requests are doing rounds in the city. DO NOT share your banking details or OTP with anyone. #StayAlert #Cybersecurity #Arrestcorona.”

Since the post went viral within minutes of getting published, fans of Bengaluru Police and Money Heist were quick to drop in their two cents as well, and the replies are hilarious!

Some of them were even quick to point out how Bengaluru Police should have replaced ‘Money Heist’ with Netflix’s ‘Jamtara‘.

We can’t wait to see what else the social media team posts till the lockdown ends!

Source: India Today

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