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Be Your Own Boss! Start These 7 Eco Friendly Business Ideas & Earn Well

| Published on April 24, 2020

Looking for business ideas amidst the quarantine? We have listed out a few jobs that you can take up during and after all of this subsides. The coronavirus pandemic is a world crisis now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop at having a job. Take up one or two of these eco-friendly business ideas today,

Composting Service

Everyone wants to reduce waste accumulation but not many really know what to do with household waste. You can start a composting service helping neighbours and everyone in your locality in working towards a more sustainable environment.

Resale of Old Clothing

You don’t always have to stock up on designer wear to look good. Start your own business that sells clean, secondhand clothes that can be reused and are affordable but so in style! It is a great idea for a small business that can venture into a great opportunity if approached to the right market.

2019 Fashion Resale Market and Trend Report | thredUP

Green Beauty Salon

There are various organic products available in the market today. Why not utilise them to start your own green salon? You can also go the extra mile by using less water to conduct manicures and pedicures!

Eco-Friendly Consulting

When every other company is working towards reducing their carbon footprint, you can be the ideal consult who ventures into energy auditing to make them understand methods and practices that will help the companies reduce some more of their energy that they waste, both via machinery and manpower. Give it a try!

Upcycled Goods

Old bottles, containers, paper and other items can be reused and recycled into something creative. A number of DIY projects online can teach you how to work your way through it. Why don’t you start a small business using upcycled goods to sell to your friends and family for starters, and slowly scale up to a small community?

Be Green! Repurpose + Upcycle Common Household Items

There are so many things to choose from, and as of now plenty of time to brainstorm and implement. Try your hand in opening a brand new business soon1

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