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BARC Reveals The Most Watched Movies & TV Channels In India

| Published on June 8, 2019

Are you addicted to watching Television? What do you actually watch? The answers will be different for different people. But what if there were particular movies or even movie channels which is common to almost everyone.

Is it possible? The answer is Yes. According to the recent statistics, Simmba on Zee Cinema was the most watched movie with 8,119 impressions in the Urban + Rural (U+R) market. Not only movies but also movie channels can get attention by a huge audience. For instance, Sony Max was the most watched movie channel with 4,68,245 impressions in the U+R market. Interesting isn’t it?

Let us go through more of such data by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), which will surely amaze you:

1. Top Movies

Urban Market:

As mentioned earlier, Simmba on Zee Cinema has been ranked as the most watched movie with 5,266 impressions. Four movies on Sony Max completed the top five list in the urban market.

DJ was at No 2 with 2,429 impressions, Tiger Zinda Hai was at No 3 position with 2,135 impressions, followed by The Return of Rebel at No 4 position with 2,019 impressions and Main Hoon Lucky The Racer was at No 5 position with 2,003 impressions.

Rural Market:

Simmba takes the first spot even in the rural market with 2,854 impressions. There is a huge difference in the movies people in both the market watch.

Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna 2 on Enterr10 at No 2 position with 1,747 impressions. Bruce Lee on Zee Cinema was at No 3 position with 1,706 impressions followed by Tircchhi Topiwale on Enterr10 at No 4 with 1,594 impressions. DJ on Sony Max was at No 5 position with 1,515 impressions.

Simmba and DJ has been able to rank in both the markets even though the content watched by both the markets have a huge difference.

2. Top Movie Channels

Urban Market:

Sony Max is always known to get the highest TRP Rates and it is totally evident from the BARC data which says 2,83,432 impressions are of this channel. The other top 4 channels are also the ones which you must have watched or watch it regularly.

Zee Cinema at the No 2 position with 2,63,643 impressions, Movies Ok was at No 4 position with 1,70,091 impressions followed by &Pictures at No 5 position with 1,26,547 impressions.

Rural Market:

Not everything watched in Urban Market has to be the same in Rural Market too. Unlike top movies, Sony Max is not the top attraction in this market. Enterr10 was the most watched channel with 2,12,516 impressions.

This time, Sony Max is at No 2 position with 1,84,813 impressions followed by Zee Cinema at No 3 position with 1,80,863 impressions, B4U Movies with 1,78,287 impressions and Star Gold at No 5 with 1,58,027 impressions.

B4U Movies has been able to get a lot better TRP rates in Rural than in Urban Market.

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