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Ban On Facebook, Twitter In India? Here’s All You Should Know

| Published on May 27, 2021

In an exclusive feature by India Today, there will be a ban on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram due to accusations by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of these apps not adhering to its policies. Apparently, since 25th February 2021, these social media companies had been given a 3-months notice period to comply with the new guidelines.

In the last 3 months, the app Koo has only adhered to the new policies. These are laid down in a press release issued by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology as stated below.

There will be an appointment of additional compliant officers for all these social media giants as per the new guidelines in addition to overviewing of complaints in a state of violations. So far, Twitter has retaliated saying they fact-check every piece of information that is posted on the platform. Facebook on the other hand will only comply once it discusses the approach with the Government.

The news has shocked many users since these social media apps are used almost regularly by thousands of users across the country. They have taken to Twitter to express their concerns since the ban is scheduled to take place from today. On Twitter, a new hashtag #IStandWithTwitterIndia is circulating in light of the current situation.


Some also resorted to meme-making to express their concerns and how this ban would impact everyone in the country. Some users also compared Twitter to Koo.

The new hashtag encourages people to use more of Twitter. A number of users use this platform to connect with influencers, celebrities, and businessmen in the country in times of crisis. The ban will affect how each individual gets a chance to raise their voices.

Infact, MLA Dhanwati Chandela also posted a tweet saying banning an app will not stop people from revealing the truth, no matter which platform they use.

We are yet to see whether this decision culminates. Social media apps can lose their power to act as intermediaries if they do not follow the rules laid out by the Government.

Which platform do you use the most?

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