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Balenciaga Is Selling This Indian Looking Shopping Bag For Rs 1.5 Lakhs

| Published on August 30, 2021

The fashion industry has always been a crucial part of the economy as well as society. Fashion icons all over the world have been donning the trendiest styles and making them a statement of the century even.

Socialites and the elite of the society always keep tabs on whats new and in fashion. No matter the price, their merchandise are a steal for them.

However, in many recent instances, certain international luxury brands have started introducing merchandise that is not only severely overpriced but also a rip-off of the Indian culture.

Brands like Gucci and others have launched clothes worth lakhs that are worn commonly in an Indian household. For instance a Kurta by Gucci was sold for a whopping Rs 2 lakhs. In fact, an American company introduced designer lungi for more than Rs 10K.

However, it seems that there is no stop to this madness. Balenciaga has joined the list of the most absurd products with over hyped price tags.

Balenciaga is now selling a stripped tote bag $2090, which is ₹1,54,903. The funny part is that these bags look like something our Indian moms have been using for ages to buy grocery. These bags are especially popular in the southern part of the country but we do get a glimpse of it in the northern parts as wel..

We are sure that someone in your family has also had one of these shopper bags with them.

Many people have been sharing the bag’s image in disbelied. The price definitely uncalled for but its more of the design that has us all Indian shook.

People are sharing the prices of similar looking bags online.

What is the weirdest over price product that you have come across recently? Tell us in the comment section.

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