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Balaji Wafers Takes A dig At Lays With ‘Hawa Hawa’

| Published on December 27, 2019

It isn’t rare to see two big brands at war out-in-the-open these days, it is the age of marketing battle after all. Be it Burger King and McDonald’s, Swiggy and Zomato or Netflix and Amazon Prime, each competitor who is striving for market leadership gives another one a hard time, behind the subtle façade of a marketing campaign.

But then, who thought India’s Mira Road superstar would also be a part of this game.

Who’s the superstar?

Well, Balaji Wafers, a potato chips manufacture based out of Gujarat has evolved drastically over the past two years. From a small home-town business, it is now striving for nationwide dominance with its impeccable taste and spirit. Just saying, it is valued at more than Rs 2,000 crore right now. With flavours like masala, salted and Chaat giving the Indian twist to western chips, it also has products like biscuit wafers, chana dal, and sev.

The Battle: Lays vs Balaji

In the potato chips market, many have tried and many have failed, but Lays has always dominated. Even though it was often mentioned that a Lays packed has more ‘hawa’ (air) as compared to chips, its taste and marketing paved the way for it to be a market leader in India. Then again, Balaji is now here to turn things around. It is here to challenge Lays and establish India’s in-house brand.

Wondering how?

Well, Balaji first got Publicis Beehive as its marketing partner and decided to hit the rod directly. In April 2019, there were advertisements launched that tried to humiliate and bring down Lays by portraying the uselessness of buying a potato chips packet filled with air. However, the lack of consistency in branding and portraying itself as a brand that humiliates its competitor’s customers, this campaign was a failure.

Star in the scene!

However, at the end of 2019, Balaji and Beehive showed their zeal and effort. A new series of clips have been launched, this time bagging a superstar, Ayushmann Khurrana, playing a double role (his specialty, afterall). The advertisement still focuses on ‘Ordinary chips’ that come with air-filled packets but at the same time correcting past errors. Constant marketing, a star in the making and no public portrayal of rudeness, Balaji Wafers comes out with a bang!


Only time will tell what Lays has in store, especially for a competitor that can possibly take over its throne.

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