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How Bajaj is Rebranding Itself To Get A Global Image

| Published on January 31, 2019

Bajaj Scooters and Bikes as a brand always resonated well with the Indian sensibilities and carved a very emotional and Indian identity for itself over the years. ‘Buland Bharat Ki Buland Tasveer’ is how we all connected with Bajaj, but now going forward, Bajaj is all set to change its image of being a global brand and not just Indian or an Indian brand that is very global. The latest TVC projects Bajaj as ‘World’s Favourite Indian’

With the new TVC, Bajaj talks about its presence in more than 70 countries and tries to reflect and showcase the power of an Indian brand taking over the world.

The Need

Sumeet Narang, Vice President of Marketing at Bajaj Auto explains that in the last ten years, the company has expanded their global footprint to about 70 countries, becoming top players there. In 2018, about two million units were sold in international markets from where about 40 percent of revenue is generated. “That is the reality of the brand, but the perception had not moved as rapidly. We realized there was a need for a new narrative for brand Bajaj,” Narang states.

Image Change

Bajaj is focused on building its image as a global market leader with this ad

Needless to say, a project on this level required a marketing budget on a different level. “A brand identity change requires something big and meaningful and given our storyline, building on a scale and an element of awe, we wanted to make sure we left nothing to chance in making this a visual spectacle. There was a lot of work that went into editing and we feel every last penny we spent was worth it” Narang shares.


Though the ad has a strong reflection of the past, and the emotional essence is still there, Bajaj is definitely looking at a bigger global connect and changing the brand imagery.

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