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This Bajaj Electricals New Ad Campaign Will Surely Impact Lives!

| Published on July 2, 2017

Bajaj Electricals launched their new campaign #MagicOfLight which depicts the importance of light in the life of every individual. The whole video revolves around showcasing dreams and aspirations of a woman and what is the importance of light in life.

The video is made by OnAds Communication. With this initiative Bajaj looks forward to draw attention of audience about their projects in glass root level.

What Is The Video About?

The video opens up with an animation where a girl is trying to grab her opportunity but fails due to lack of light. She gets scared of the darkness but a lighting firefly comes on her way to bring back her smile. Suddenly her world gets lightened up and she is able to pursue her dreams.

The video tries to shift our focus on the fact every girl on India has a dream and they are getting better everyday to come up and dare to achieve them. It’s our responsibility to support.

Glimpses From The Ad

This Bajaj Electricals New Ad Campaign Will Surely Impact Lives!

Who Said What?

Anant Bajaj, JMD, Bajaj Electricals, said,

“The infrastructure we lay has a huge social and economic impact on the lives of people. We have literally crossed rivers, mountains and jungles to bring electricity to far flung places in the country. And we do all this with great care and concern for the environment. The insights were taken from these real life incidents that our teams have faced during the execution of various projects across the length and breadth of our great nation.”

Jignesh Maniar, Founder of OnAds, shared,

“The stories in the campaign are inspired & dramatized versions of the stories that we heard from the Bajaj team. We thought it would be interesting to tell these stories through animation, like a fairy tale only to reveal that these are not fables but inspired true stories.”

The ad campaign went viral on social media and will also be witnessed on Television soon!

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