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“Bahar Jake Ladki Chhed Aya To? “Sabhyata Breaks Gender Stereotypes With Its Diwali Campaign

| Published on November 2, 2018

Advertisements are not only useful for the promotion of brands, but they are seen as the mirror depicting the culture of a society. Since a lot of ads are made for a limited need to sell a product or a service, ad makers often miss the opportunity of talking about gender in a way it empowers everyone

More often than not, females have been shown in the usual stereotypical roles over the years. But as the audience is getting educated and aware, brands are realising that they can no longer make ads showing any section of society as less important than the other.

Thanks to brands like Sabhyata which are daring to break stereotypes beautifully and showcase females in a fresh and confident avatar.

About Sabhyata

Sabhyata is a brand popular for its wide range of products in Indian Ethnic wear. Launched in 2003, the brand has been serving women with the aim to redefine ethnicity. It’s latest Diwali advertisement is making noise everywhere for all the right reasons. It is based on the discrimination girls face even while celebrating festivals like Diwali which hold a big importance in our society.

The concept of this ad is to the point and the idea has been presented in a way that it doesn’t hurt males either.  At a time when the #MeeToo movement is making a change in India, this ad shows what gender equality really means.

The video starts with a daughter feeling hesitated to ask her father about going to meet her friends on the occasion of Diwali. His brother, on the other hand, has no worries and didn’t even asks his parents about staying at his friend’s place.

The twist comes when the father starts asking questions like what if he goes out and ends up harassing a girl? The situation of what girls face in Indian society has been shown perfectly in this ad. They are the ones who are questioned and restricted from going out late at night.

The expression on girl’s face at the end explains the whole story and with this, Sahyata wants to celebrate a change this Diwali and redefine the way females are treated in India. You can watch the complete video below:

In short, this commercial is a great combination of brand promotion, delivering an important message to the audience and making the emotional connection with the customers stronger.

In Association with ‘Sabhyata’

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