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AXE Steals Attention During Valentine’s Season With A Witty Take On Cadbury’s Ad

| Published on February 14, 2020

AXE tells don’t go so far for love, love is just an AXE chocolate away.

AXE being a youthful brand known for its quirky advertising campaigns has once again impressed us with a smart move.

This year, brands are coming up with new ideas for Valentine’s Day campaigns. Although the main focus is still on love, the way brands are encouraging audience to celebrate love has changed.

Upping its ambush marketing game with a tactical move, AXE placed its outdoor ad announcing it’s radical innovation of AXE mini ticket priced Rs 35 with text reading ‘Love is just an AXE chocolate away right next to Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s OOH campaign that asks ‘How far will you go for love?’

Not only this, knowing the popularity of chocolates during Valentine’s season, AXE has highlighted its chocolate man while doing an ambush on Cadbury.

It’s very interesting how AXE took advantage of Cadbury’s ad. We have seen brands using such strategies against a competitor, but AXE just stole all the attention by taking a unique approach. It certainly won the hearts with tactical move garnering eyeballs and giving advertising goals to us.

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