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Autorickshaw To Sari: These New Emojis Will Make Digital Marketing Much More Exciting

| Published on February 13, 2019

Digital Marketing is the latest trend for brands. The growth of internet after the launch of Reliance Jio has created new opportunities and people are earning money from professions that were never considered beneficial just a few years ago and Social Media Marketing is one of them.

Emojis have made the communication process much more easier and fun. Everyone is using them to engage better with the person on the other side of a smartphone or computer. The good news is Emoji 12.0 is all set to launch with whole lot of new emojis, which Netizens are loving.

From Autorikshaws emojis to sari emojis, there are lots of cool ones which have even sparked memes. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled some of our favourite ones.

Autorickshaw emoji

This is one of the most cutest desi emojis among all. So next time, when you’re stuck on the road waiting for the auto wala bhayiaa, you can let your friends know the situation by sending this emoji.

See how people reacted to it:



Sari emoji

The sari emoji looks nothing like the real thing. It seems like a lehenga to us. Doesn’t it remind you of Parvathi’s outfit in Harry Potter?


Pinch emoji

This made every guy’s life really, really hard. It looks really hilarious and can even save us from the creeps in our “others messages” folder. So, next time if you get unsolicited pictures, you know which emoji to use.


Garlic emoji

We believe this emoji is slightly unnecessary and can be avoided. Why would one need to show garlic to someone, unless they’re a vampire?


There are many more emojis from period emojis to interracial couples. Social Media platforms are going to be completely revolutionized once these emojis are dropped. We really can’t wait for them, what about you?

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