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Auto Rickshaw Driver Fined Rs. 32,500 For Jumping The Red Lights

| Published on September 6, 2019

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 which was passed in the Lok Sabha has come into action from Septemeber 1 and it has already created a buzz all across the social media. The rates of fine in the new bill for violations have increased which is right difficult for citizens to digest.

A scooter guy from Gurugram went viral for a fine of Rs 23000 challan. The guy named Dinesh Madan was issued with a hefty challan (ticket) by the Gurugram Traffic Police because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, driving without his license and the pollution certificate was missing.

Now an Auto Rikshaw driver is making news for being fines Rs 32,500 for jumping the red lights. The traffic police officers stopped Mohammed Mustakil, the driver and asked him to present the legal documents which he failed to provide. The rickshaw driver even urged the police officer to give him 10 minutes so that he can get the papers as he realized he left the papers at his home.

Officials instantly confiscated the 3-wheeler and fined the auto driver on the basis of Rs 5000 for riding without his license, 5000 for not carrying his registration certificate, 2000 for riding without insurance, 10000 for violating pollution laws, 500 for security registration plates, 5000 for dangerous driving, 5000 for jumping the traffic lights which sums to Rs. 32,500 for violating several traffic rules.

Commenting on this, the driver said “I begged the traffic police officers to give me 10 minutes to return home to collect all the documents. But he did not listen to me. I wasn’t aware of the recent hike in the fines for violating the traffic rules.

“I have to go to the district court at Rajiv Chowk on Wednesday. As the officers said, I need a good lawyer to get my auto-rickshaw back cause I have every document with me and hopefully the amount of the challan will be reduced,” he added.

It seems like the new bill is going to keep the people under control from violating traffic rules. What are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments section.

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