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Auto Expo 2018: India’s First Electric Sportsbike Launched

| Published on February 9, 2018

A startup company from Bangalore named Emflux Motors has launched India’s first ever electric superbike with some amazing features. The company has named this bike as Emflux One. This superbike has a 9.7 Kilowatt Samsung lithium-ion battery with 60 Kilowatt liquid-cooled AC induction motor which produces a torque of 84 Nm. The pre-ordering of Emflux One will start from July 2018 and the bike will be available from April 2019. The company aims to sell to 10 Million electric two wheeler’s in the country by the year 2027.

This electric bike can achieve a maximum speed of 200km/h and will take only 3 seconds to reach from 0 to 100km/h. After being completely charged, this superbike can cover a distance of 150 Km at an average speed of 80Km/h. Along with this, Emflux One has very attractive and stylish looks which will attract the youngsters of the country.


Emflux has an amazing 6.8-inch Touchscreen smart display with many features including Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G System Software. The body panels are very lightweight and made up of glass fibre and these panels are upgradable to ultralight carbon fibre panels if someone needs it.

Emflux One comes with many high-tech features such as dual 300mm disc with Brembo brakes and fully connected dashboard with artificial intelligence. The superbike takes 36 minutes to get 80 % charged from the original charger and 3 Hours from a regular 15A wall charger.

This bike can change the mindset of Indians regarding electric bikes as many think that these are not much powerful in terms of speed.

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