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Astro Babies NFT Becomes First NFT Project In The World To Work With El Salvadorian Government

| Published on December 15, 2021

Astro Babies are a set comprised of 3 art collections including Babies, Pups, and Apes. Art has dominated the blockchain industry over the last few months, and for once, the 21st century has brought a space where artists can truly commercialize their work through NFTs. Each art piece is completely unique in its attributes and is only 1 of a kind adding to its scarcity and rarity. Astro Babies’ vision for the utility of these art pieces aims to go further than any other blockchain projects, and it has made very noteworthy progress in the last week by announcing its partnership with the El Salvadorian government. It includes building a physical casino and gallery, as well as a webVR experience on the internet of a casino, gallery, and auction house where NFTs will be traded.


By June, the highly anticipated Astro Casino, which goes on the concept of Metaverse, will be set to open for public and experience-takers. Complete with lots of online 3D games set to be competed for huge prizes, the experience will also lead to competing in metaverse events. But this is not all for June, it will also be witnessing the launch of $ABB token. Destined to be the token, or medium, for distributing revenue to original Astro Baby NFT holders. One of the very exciting features of Astro Baby NFT holding is that the holders enjoy revenue sharing.  How does it happen, you may ask?  Well, the revenue sharing comes from Astro gallery/marketplace royalties, Astro Casino, and $ABB tokens’ trading.  One more thrilling feature? Whoever decides to hold this project will also get $ABB tokens airdropped directly into their wallet, for no cost. 

Monica Taher, head of Technological & Economic International Affairs at the Government of El Salvador has been the lead ambassador in El Salvador, and has been very supportive of increasing the number of companies that embrace the new crypto regulation in the country, so it’s no wonder than she loved Astro Babies announcing it’s arrival.

What more could we anticipate? 

Astro Baby also looks forward to constructing the World’s first crypto casino in El Salvador, funded by crypto mining profits which will be utilizing green energy harvested locally.  Alongside the project, a hotel for tourists and locals, producing Astro baby merchandise with locally sourced material and labor is also on the charts, giving it a more sustainable outlook.

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