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Ashish Sharma: The Engineer Who Quit His Job And Is Walking 17000 Kms For Child Beggars

| Published on April 27, 2019

With the upcoming elections, every Indian has something or the other to point out as a flaw in the Indian economy. You will hear about every problem in the country right from poverty, unemployment, malnutrition to even climate change We all like to think that it’s just the responsibility of the government to solve these problems of a very high magnitude in India while we enjoy our own happy and comfortable lives.

Well to your surprise not everyone thinks like us. There are a few people like Ashish Sharma who take responsibility on their own two shoulders to make the place we live in, a better place to be in.

Who is Ashish Sharma?

Ashish Sharma is a young boy who is a mechanical engineer by profession. He is also someone who had been to old-age homes since in class 6 but later realized that the problem is at the ground level. The ground level of India are the children who struggle in poverty, fail to get educated or get enough nutrition to do better in their lives. His goal in life after quitting his job is to be a healer for Indians. To remove child beggars from the streets of India, push the youth of India to contribute their share for this social cause and educate the children are the few fragments of his goal.

What is the plan?

The plan is to walk 17000 kilometers to remove child beggars from Indian streets. It called Unmukt India and has already covered around 450 kilometers with huge support from Indian masses. It would cover all Indian states and Union territories and plans to touch 4900 villages in total. Ashish hopes to bring a change at the psychological level by his mission. He knows that he can’t do it all alone. He needs the support and willingness of Indians to help mobilize child beggars and enlighten their future.

What else?

Well, the plan is to have Unmukt Diwas in India on June 14, to unite everyone over a pledge. A pledge that means they care. A pledge for a better place to live in. A pledge for an India free of Child beggars. Moreover, he is also developing an App where he is inculcating schools and police stations into work.

He understands the value of schools and the police to achieve his mission. The app would mark schools and police stations within a 5km radius and an imitation would be sent to the same whenever a child beggar is spotted in that radius. The mission is for them to help the child and ensure he doesn’t go back to begging ever again.

All the best, Ashish! You are doing wonders.

What Ashish Sharma is doing for his country, that is exactly what dreams are made of. He is aware that it is a huge and mighty task infront of him, but hopes for the best and is willing to do what it takes. Inspiration and support, that is all that he needs from his fellow youngsters in the country.

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