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Apple’s Strategy Behind Charging Rs 59,900 For The New Ultra Stylish Airpods

| Published on December 12, 2020

Apple has always been known for its ultra-luxury and latest tech. All the Apple products receive a grand launch and also receive the desired reactions from their customers. The brand is known to create the right buzz for its products whether it is for the latest tech or the extravagant price tag that they come with.

Recently Apple created a lot of stir by launching the latest iPhone 12 without the charger. Surely this did not discourage people to buy the phone, in fact, the sales topped the charts as always.


This was not long ago yet Apple has done it yet again. The brand has launched AirPods Max headphones that have become the talk of the town (around the globe) as they cost a whopping Rs 59,900. Not the price one would expect to pay for a headphone. Nevertheless, they are sure to receive a huge number of sales for the same.

AirPods Max Features

The AirPods Max over-ear form factor of the wireless headphones by Apple offers much better audio, adaptive equalizer technology, active noise cancellation as well as spatial audio which offers a 3D effect to the audio as opposed to flatter sounds.

The all-new headphones by Apple incorporate H1 chips, advanced software to provide the best quality sound as well as an adaptive equalizer function to best produce sound as per your choice. The headphones will be available in 5 colors; space grey, blue, green, pink, and silver.

There is a breathable mesh setup inside the ear canopy that gives it a stylish look and it helps to optimize the sound flowing through the device into the user’s ears. The headband will be made of stainless steel providing a plush look as well as provide strength and flexibility.

The headphones also come with an ultra-stylish smart case which can also charge the headphones without taking them out. Till now, no other headphone case has this feature.

Though there have been plenty of memes on the price tag of the AirPods Max, it is the features like these and the brand name of ‘Apple’ that is enough for the company to justify the Rs 59,900 price tag.

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