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Apple’s New & Expensive Airpods Max Headphones Got Netizens Compare Them With Similar Looking Items

| Published on December 11, 2020

Apple is known for its line of high-end products. Every year, a new and advanced version of the iPhone pops up in the market, along with renditions of the Macbook and even iPads for that matter. No matter the expense, people do purchase them. These products by Apple are technologically advanced, and some of the best gadgets seen and used by the world. So when Apple launched their new Airpods Max Headphones, they probably saw a lot of buyers as well!


In Indian Rupees, the Airpods Max Headphones cost Rs. 59,000 approximately. They feature a noise cancellation option, a custom smart case and a new chip which enhances its performances over other Apple variants, and of course the brand’s competitors. Apple has established its mark once again by launching the most expensive headphones in the market today. Twitterati couldn’t handle it as usual, and memes were created, for ‘free’ in comparison to the heft amount you would have to pay for these headphones!

Check some real-life comparisons and reactions to Apple’s latest launch below:

It is true. Why pay in full when EMI options are available across all banks now! It is easier to enjoy the luxuries in life when you can pay in instalments!

Some users also commented on the design of the new Airpods, and the name Apple had chosen for their latest launch.

Someone also posted about how these expensive headphones were out of reach for many Indians. The specs are great, but most Indians would likely opt for mid-budget range headphones.


These memes are surely hilarious and we cannot help but applaud the creativity behind these images. It takes a lot of research and quick wit to make the world laugh.

Do you own an Apple product? What do you think about these newly launched headphones?

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