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Apple Users – Here’s How You Can Now Find Lost Items Easily

| Published on April 10, 2021

If you are an iPhone user, you must already be aware of the Find My app that lets you find your phone easily. But now, the company has extended its features to other companies as well making it easier to find other items through third-party applications.

There is a new Find My Network accessory program that enables customers on other apps to find precious items as and when necessary. By using Bluetooth signals, missing items can be found in close proximity to one another. This entire process has end-to-end encryption that is guaranteed by Apple and the third-party owner.

How does Find My Network help you track your device?

If you lose any of your Apple devices, the app allows you to locate it on the map by pinpointing the location. Moreover, a beeper will go on to indicate where the item is and the intensity of the sound will increase as you come closer to it. Apple also maintains that third-party applications need to adhere to the privacy policy. Moreover, once a user realizes that their device is missing, they have the chance to put their device into Lock Mode from the app to ensure that it doesn’t get misused after falling in the wrong hands.

Which Companies can Benefit from the Find My Network technology?

To connect your company to the existing Find My Network program, you can sign up to be a part of the Made for iPhone (MFi) initiative. After adhering to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, the third-party seller can become a part of this network. Users also need to add their Apple devices to this network to enable detection once they go missing.

Belkin’s true wireless earbuds are already a part of this program. Others will also follow suit.

Source: Gadgets Now

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