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Apple Trolls Competitors Over Privacy Using A Funny CES Ad

| Published on January 7, 2019

Apple is known for own product launches and it doesn’t use platforms such as CES to gain popularity. This time, the company has done something new as they have posted billboard ads that target the privacy issues of the competitors.

It happened recently in Los Angeles for CES 2019 when people saw an ad reading “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan. With just a few words, it trolls other brands in a fresh way.

Apple focusing on privacy is not a new thing as the company has previously said that it doesn’t make money from its users’ personal information, but from selling people hardware and software. Privacy is the priority for Apple and it was cleared three years ago when Apple refused to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone that belonged to a suspected terrorist.

With technology giants like Facebook and Google facing their bad days due to data breach cases, Apple wants to stay away from such controversies.


The ad’s placement takes on extra irony if you notice that Google’s CES last year when the company wrapped the Las Vegas with “Hey Google” ads. Once again, Google will be unavoidable at CES even though it probably isn’t launching any new products of its own. This year, Apple will remind everyone of 2018’s privacy scandals, asking CES visitors how comfortable they are saying “hey Google” to a growing raft of products.

Also, this can be a start for a big campaign from Apple as the company is experiencing losses and will be looking to try new ways to regain trust.

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