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Apple Offers Discount Of Rs 1 on iPhone 12 Pro Max, Netizens Left Confused

| Published on April 4, 2021

Ever since Apple Smartphones have been launched, they have created a buzz in the market. Everyone has wanted to own one of these gadgets. Even the ones who are not an iOS fan, want to know what all the hype is all about. The only major struggle in owning one of these trendy smartphones has been the hefty price tags that come with it.

We have all heard of the patent ‘Kidney’ jokes every time Apple launches a new edition. So how do people from middle-class families afford an iPhone? For starters, they prefer buying an android not only because of the price difference but also due to the added features.

Secondly, the most common practice is to buy an older model when a new smartphone is introduced. Apple is known to drop the price of their older smartphones drastically on the launch days and onwards. But the only way you can own the latest version is if Apple is practically giving them away with heavy discounts, which, almost never happens.

It seems that Apple has decided to taunt us that this is never going to happen with an unexpected offer.

A Twitter user, Sachin Kalbag, shared a post informing us all that the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is up for sale on the e-commerce site Amazon at a sale price of Rs. 1,59,899.

There is a catch though. The discount offered by Apple on the latest smartphone is a whopping Rs 1. Yes, you read that right! Apple is offering a discount on this insanely expensive phone and we don’t know what to do with all the savings.

As soon as Sachin share this post, people came in numbers to talk about the ‘insane’ offer which most of us cannot believe is true. People were very much sarcastic with their reverts and wanted to make most of the opportunity and have a good laugh together in disbelief.

Counting your Rs 1 saving like.


What do you think about this ‘once in a lifetime deal?’ Grab the offer while it lasts people.


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