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Apple iPhone X Exploded After Being Updated To iOS 12.1

| Published on November 15, 2018

On November 13, a shocking incident was revealed wherein a US-based Apple user claimed that his phone exploded when updated to iOS 12.1. As of now, not many details have surfaced about how the phone exploded and whether anyone was injured in the incident, but Apple was prompted to take immediate action on the same.

Probable Reason For Explosion

Explaining the incident a bit, Rahel Mohamad, the owner of iPhone X that exploded said that the phone was put on charging, but was removed as he could sense excessive heating. Moments later, the update completed and the phone was turned on, leading to smoke and subsequent explosion.

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Owner’s Statement

“Dark grey smoke started coming from the phone,” Rahel told Gadgets360. “The update was completed and as soon as the phone turned on it started to smoke and caught fire.”

Accessory Use

As per the owner, he was using the original accessories with his iPhone. The phone was being charged using the Lightning Cable and Wall Charger provided by Apple. He also claims that the phone wasn’t facing any issues prior to the update and was working absolutely fine since the time he purchased it, which was in January 2018.

“This year early January I bought the iPhone and have been using it normally,” he said.

Apple’s response

When Rahel complained about the incident via Twitter, the Apple support team tweeted back asking Rahel to get in touch with them in order to resolve the issue. The company has recalled the exploded unit for further investigation, but until now hasn’t revealed the probable cause of the explosion.

Well, this incident has lead to a shockwave amongst the Apple phone users and left people confused on whether they should update their iOS or not. Unless Apple throws some light on the actual cause of the explosion, we believe that the dilemma will continue for some time.

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