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Apple Hilariously Used An Android Device On Twitter. As Expected, Users Are Trolling The Tech Giant

| Published on December 19, 2018

Just a few days ago we reported about how a Samsung official account is receiving hate comments on Twitter for posting a tweet using an Apple iPhone. There have been many such incidents in past where celebrities got trolled for using iPhones while promoting other smartphones.

apple music

What’s interesting this time is that one of Apple’s official accounts has been found using an Android device. Yes, you read that right!!

The tweet was posted through Apple Music’s official Twitter account, while responding to Ariana Grande’s official tweet about a song. Below is the tweet we are talking about :

The fact that makes this more interesting is that it has been caught by the same eagle-eyed and Twitter police Marques Brownie MKBHD.

As expected, this made users on Twitter troll the iPhone maker for this stupid act. Here’s what some of them tweeted:

Yes, it finally happened!!

Apple’s social media executive right now

What an irony this is

A warning to all smartphone company employees

We wonder how social media executive of such popular companies can be so careless. What do you think about these mistakes? Do let us know in the comments.

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