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Apple & Google Come Together To Help Fight With COVID-19

| Published on April 28, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to the core. Governments all over are taking all extreme steps possible to contain the pandemic as much as possible. Whether it is following orders to stay home, or helping the poor who cannot keep up with the lockdown, people as individuals have also been contributing in their own responsible way.

Many big firms have also come forwards and made sure that people get all the help possible.

What is most interesting is that, recently, the two arch-rival’s, Apple & Google have declared that they will be working together to help in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. In their official announcement, they have declared that they will be helping the government health agencies across the world. They intend to do so with the help of contact tracing, apps along with other things.

Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing technology ...

The Contact-tracing App

Both the tech giants will release APIs that allow contact tracing apps from public health authorities to work across Android and iOS devices.

In a couple of months, Apple and Google plan to have OS-level updates to help ensure broad adoption in contact tracing which will not require installing of any additional apps.

According to Apple & Google, cell phones offer an automated solution that scales to understand when people are exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus. This gives valuable anonymous data to public health authorities to make the best decisions to slow down COVID-19.

Privacy & Security Factor

Contact-tracing from Apple and Google will only be available to be used by apps from public health authorities. The apps approved will have access to Bluetooth beacon data but will retain user privacy and security.

If someone tests positive for the virus, it will not be shared by the system to other users, nor to Apple or Google.

The App Will Be Completely Optional

If a user chooses to report a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 to their contact tracing app, only then specific data will be shared. Or if a user is notified through their app that they have come into contact with an individual who is positive for COVID-19 then the system will share the day the contact occurred, how long it lasted, and the Bluetooth signal strength of that contact. No other information will be shared.

Not only can you choose to use the contact-tracing app or not, but the tech giants also will not be monetizing from the technology as well. Their contribution will be honest and selfless in a way and will also honor our privacy.


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