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Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes A Dig At Rival Google During WWDC Keynote

| Published on June 6, 2019

Apple’s annual WWDC this year turned out be an event full of surprises. While the internet broke with the news of iTunes demise, they also had their fair chance of laugh at the latest Mac Pro design. 

But stealing the show away like always was Apple CEO, TIm Cook who embarrassed Google during the keynote, without even mentioning their name. 

During his keynote presentation at this year’s annual worldwide developer conference earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to Google as “those other guys” while calling out the difference between iOS and Android’s adoption numbers.

According to Apple’s estimate, iOS 12 has an adoption rate of 85% since it was launched in September 2018, while Android 9.0 Pie only has 10% adoption rate since its August 2018 official release which Google had earlier confirmed in May.

With cut-throat competition between the two arch rivals at its peak, Apple surely deserved a bow for outpacing Android year on year. 

It’s all down to Apple’s tight control over hardware and software which enables them to pump out the latest version of iOS in record number of iPhones every year. Unfortunately, Android’s fragmented nature, and dependence on device OEMs, prolongs the propagation of latest Android operating system to supported phones.

This has a direct impact on iPhone and Android users because of the quick iOS updates and support, iPhones have a higher shelf life compared to Android devices. To get the latest Android operating system, Android users most definitely have to get a new device altogether, if they don’t have to wait overmuch.

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