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Apple Becomes The 1st Private Company In US To Reach $1 Trillion Market Cap

| Published on August 2, 2018

Good news for Apple lovers as the company has just become the 1st private entity in the United States to reach the market cap of $1 Trillion. The share price of Apple has reached an all-time high above $207 on Thursday which was driven largely by strong sales for high-priced iPhones.


CEO Tim Cook has reported that growth in other areas such as smart home products, wearables, and App store have also contributed to the recent growth of Apple Inc.


Amazon was expected to reach this mark before Apple but the recent downfalls after Donald Trump’s tweets have caused a big loss for the e-commerce giant. Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are also following Apple with a net worth of more than $800 billion each.

Started in 1976, Apple has changed the way of computing completely and has redefined the looks of smartphones also. The iMac desktop computer, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad all have contributed to the brand that is breaking all the records and is winning the hearts of consumers across the world.


“Steve’s vision was grounded in the synergy between hardware products, software services, and third-party apps and media to make sure any customer would have everything they need without ever leaving the Apple ecosystem,” an Apple spokesperson said on reaching this historic mark.

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Apple was having a net worth of around $350 billion when Jobs died and Cook continues the hard work of Steve with his creative vision.

This new success Apple’s worth more than the economies of countries including Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

If Apple is looking to go far beyond $1 trillion, Cook has to find the right combination of future hit hardware products and new services that thrive on those devices.

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