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Apple Admitted That It Deliberately Slows Down The Old iPhones

| Published on December 23, 2017

Buying an Apple iPhone has become a symbol of status in India, but do you know that the company intentionally slows down your older phones just to make users upgrade the old iPhone with a new one? After several rumors over the years on the internet that Apple throttles their older iPhones when new iOS updates are launched, the tech company has finally confirmed the news officially: Yes, your older iPhone has been deliberately slowed down.


However, they claim that it is for a good cause – to enable older iPhones to run smoothly, without shutting down.
As batteries get older, they aren’t capable of working as smoothly as they used to with the new updates and may tend to shut down at random. To avoid this, Apple decreases the performance of the battery to save the user from such situations. The Apple users aren’t satisfied with this explanation and they are feeling betrayed.

Another reason for which Apple consumers are feeling bad is that the company had kept this hidden for so many years. The users are asking updated batteries to avoid slowing down for the older iPhones are asking Apple to fix this on the priority basis.
The news was first shared by the popular website TechCrunch which revealed Apple’s statement on this.

These statements means that by slowing the older phones Apple is just making sure that with the new upgrades the iPhones does not shutdown a lot and damage its internal components.

Apple needs to quickly fix this issue for their customers as such things make a very negative impact of the company in the heads of buyers.

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