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2 minutes read

Anushka Sharma Spotted Promoting Google Pixel Using iPhone

| Published on September 6, 2018

Celebrity endorsement is not a new thing now but these popular personalities are using digital platforms to promote products is something new in the Indian market. Anushka Sharma has got the knack of being in controversies on social media and the latest one is using Apple’s iPhone to promote Google’s new phone, Pixel2XL on Instagram.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee spotted this and shared on social media before she could delete or correct it. “Ok I don’t even want to know how this keeps happening but it’s hilarious,” he wrote.

Although some tried defending Anushka, Brownlee wasn’t letting this one go easily.

Twitteratti were quick to join Marques and expressed their views over this:

Note that Marques has a huge user base with 2.8 million followers on Twitter. He has revealed similar blunder in the past too when Gal Gadot tweeted an endorsement for Huawei using an iPhone.

2018 has certainly become a year of controversy for smartphone brands using unfair ways to promote their products. Firstly Huawei then Xiaomi were involved in using fake images for showing the camera quality of their latest launched phones.

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