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Another Controversy For Air India, Cockroach Found In Plate Of A Passenger

| Published on December 21, 2017

An Air India passenger named Harinder Baweja has claimed about getting a cockroach while having her food at the VIP lounge of Air India at Delhi airport. Being a journalist herself Harinder decided to share this incident with the help of Twitter. She tweeted “Dear @airindiain cockroaches on food plates at your Delhi Lounge for biz and first class passengers. Disgusting”

Air India was quick to apologize her for this and they replied back with

Like always the Twitter users reacted to the situations using funny and opposing tweets for Air India

Have they started serving non veg again?

A suggestion to Air India

Are you suggesting that cockroaches are okay for economy class passengers?

Last year, something similar happened when a passenger complained about a cockroach that he spotted in his food on an Air India flight to Chicago. The passenger had shared an image of the same on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

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