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Angry Employee Slaps & Abuses Colleague During Meeting. Video Goes Viral

| Published on January 25, 2020

Corporate culture has its own benefits and cons. On one side, one gets to learn, understand and grow whereas the other side is enough dark to put you in a state of depression.

We all know how offices work. Stressful meetings and unpleasant politics can suck the peace right out of you. Most of the time, absolutely nothing goes your way no matter how right you are in a particular situation.

Justification Chahiye?

Recently, a video went viral in which an angry and raging employee repeatedly slapped and abused a colleague of his in a meeting scene. The man is constantly yelling “Justification Chahie” at the victim.

The others in the room are trying to hold the provoked man from hitting the other colleague but he seems uncontrollable and gives out a sense of “having had it enough”.
The video had gone viral on social media. Where a lot of people had made fun of it, others have taken the scenario in a serious way and have given their opinions on professionalism.

The video shows the full potential of turning into a meme and some of the people seem to be agreeing to that.

But not everyone approved of the video to be a funny element.

There are tweets that show concern and care for the victim who got caught in such a fight. But, there are also people who think that the managers are not GOD. They could be wrong too – a statement that completely stands for itself. Most of the managers have their way with the employees because they have power and nobody seems to notice that.

Well, there are so many sides of this situation and the reason the man outraged is still not unvelied. It is not right to be physically violent but we all shall have a way to express our views and reasons.

Peace out!

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