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2 minutes read

Angry Clients Demands HDFC To Cover Late Charges As Net Banking Went Down

| Published on December 4, 2019

HDFC Bank Customers had been finding it difficult to use the HDFC Net Banking Services for 2 days continuously. HDFC is India’s 4th largest bank and even after assuring that the ‘technical glitch’ will be solved in 24 hours, the system was still found with a similar problem.

HDFC is considered to be the best bank in India and is the holder of the largest salary accounts. This directly means that most of the Indian Citizens failed to pay their electricity, phone, credit card, etc. bills because of this one ‘glitch’ that was promised to be solved in a day.
People have been furious about this situation and a lot of them threw angry tweets, too. The biggest unanswered question from people as if the HDFC will recover their late dues that have been charged because they failed to pay their credit card bills on time.

While trying to log in via Net Banking, the site showed a message that asked the user to try again later due to heavy traffic on the application, along with apologies for such inconvenience.

The services went out on Monday morning and the situation was not solved till 5 in the evening. People who suffered the most were from big metro cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

Even on Tuesday, the app was not functioning. The bank has not made any statement as on when people can use the application again.

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