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Ananya Birla’s Reply To A Troll Is Making People Fan Of Her

| Published on March 13, 2019

Social media has given us so many positives like talented people are finally getting platforms and new careers have opened up but as it along with these it has made our generation impatient and too much interested in the lives of people who we don’t even know. Sitting behind the screen and spreading hate by trolling someone has become an art and most people do that to get some attention.

A similar incident happened recently when someone trolled Ananya Birla, the daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla. India today took her interview in which she was shown playing football and was called multi-talented.

This made Gurpreet Gill to sarcastically comment, “Reporter reporting millionaire’s daughter” on the tweet.

You would be saying things like these do happen but what came as a surprise was Ananya’s savage reply to the troll. She wrote

So? I’m human too. We achieve things on our own esteem too and we must share that. And just btw, my dad is a billionaire not a millionaire. Sorry, not sorry.

Seeing all this, users on Twitter started to praise Ananya for doing this. Here are some responses:





A lot of people tend to believe that the life of these billionaire kids is easy and sometimes we forget that a person is more than their last name. Yes, they have more resources that many of us but talent is something that doesn’t come with resources Ananya made sure people get that message.

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