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Anand Mahindra’s Tweet Shows Indians Are The Best At Jugaad & Twitterati Agrees

| Published on September 12, 2018

In a world full of problems and difficulties, there are a lot of people who don’t get what they want but the thing that keeps them moving forward in life is hope. Hope when mixed with creativity produces some great results and we Indians are known in the whole world for our smart solutions for every problem. Different people use different words to name this problem-solving ability but we all relate to the word “jugaad”. This is something which can’t be learned in any school or college but the presence of mind can prove beneficial for making a jugaad.


Anand Mahindra is not only popular for his work in Mahindra group but a large section of his followers love him for his inspirational tweets. He always comes up with something amazing for his followers and this time he is making news for sharing a video on Twitter which shows Indians are the true masters of the term Jugaad.

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The video shows a man who is enjoying a shower and the thing that makes it interesting and different is how he used a plastic bottle with multiple holes to perform the same job as that of a shower.

“And as some of us look forward to a comfortable Sunday shower, let’s salute the ingenuity of others; Let’s salute those who enhance the quality of their lives in a frugal manner by recycling objects the rest of the world discards..” Mahindra wrote in caption along with the video.

And as it happens with most of Anand Mahindra’s tweets, this went viral and people couldn’t stop their views on this creativity. Many shared similar jugaads.

Do you know more such jugaads? If yes, do share them with us in the comments section.

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