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Anand Mahindra’s Funny Suggestion For Tesla CEO Elon Musk

| Published on December 26, 2020

We Indians are all acquainted with Anand Mahindra, the CEO and Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra’s quips. He is very active on Twitter and does not leave a chance to share his opinions, share life stories of struggling startups and individuals, and always managed to find humor in the toughest of situations. Recently, he came up with a suggestion for Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk.

In a video shared by Mahindra, he ponders whether Tesla and Musk will be able to match the affordability and renewable energy produced by a bullock cart. Musk’s Tesla is going to launch electric cars soon that will hopefully reduce the carbon footprint in the world. But Mahindra had a different suggestion in mind.

Mahindra also ensures to tag Musk in this tweet, which was followed by many users taking part in this fun conversation.


Some users even pointed out on how this ‘jugaad’ proposed by Mahindra had its faults and would not actually pertain to the cause.

We agree with sir Anand Mahindra because global warming and pollution are definitely increasing by the day. While his suggestion is great Indian, we are unsure whether Musk would actually give a befitting reply or even consider his suggestion as it is opposed to his idea of making the world more futuristic.

Biogas dates back centuries in India. It is definitely a thoughtful approach but will require high-end technology to make it easy for people to use it. Perhaps Mahindra could try and implement the same in his range of cars if Tesla doesn’t!

Mahindra is known to observe and comment on the latest technology that includes automobiles, phones, and even global situations. Earlier, he was seen talking about iPhones and their new variants. These come without their accessories, making people stick to existing models.

We hope to see more of Anand Mahindra’s insights on other posts in 2021.

Source: Gadgets Now

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